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Begin your journey with Bitcoin Runes and discover the world of digital currency.

chrome extension

Step 1

Get The Chrome Extension!

The Bitcoin Libre chrome wallet is the best way to connect with Libre on the desktop. It features BOTH a full bitcoin wallet for ordinals and a fast Libre L2 wallet for wrapped coins. Use the wallet to buy or sell any ordinal.
rune orbit animation
rune orbit animation

Step 2

Import Seed Phrase

Import your seed phrase into Bitcoin Libre Chrome from UniSat, xVerse, or any Bitcoin wallet with SegWit or Taproot.

import seed phrase
trade runes on the dex

Step 3

Simple, fast bridge.

Easily move your Bitcoin (sats) to and from Libre chain using Lightning (BTC only) or the Libre Crosslink bridge (BTC, Runes, and Ordinals).

Step 4

Trade Runes on the DEX!

One click to move your Runes to Libre Layer 2, and enable fast trading on Libre Dex. Easily move back and forth between bridged Runes and on-chain.

import seed phrase