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Participate in staking to secure the Libre network end enjoy exceptionally high early adopter staking yields. Rates start at 10% APY and go up to 200% APY for 12 month lockups. All rates decrease quickly over time, prioritizing early adopters. Yield is paid in LIBRE.

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Other Ways to Earn LIBRE

Refer your friends

Libre is the first and only blockchain to feature an on-chain referral program. When you refer someone to Libre, and they stake and earn a staking reward, you get 10% of that reward.

Become a Validator

If you are technical, you can run a validator node on the Libre network. Validators are paid for each block they produce.

Become a LLP

Bitcoin Libre uses the concept of Libre Lightning Providers, which are nodes that pay Lightning Invoices in exchange for pegged Bitcoin. You can earn transaction fees by becoming an LLP.

Play to Earn

The Libre blockchain subsidizes play to earn games such as the "Bitcoin Libre Spin" and "Crypto Wordle" by Machine Candy. Free to play and earn.

Frequently asked questions

What is the LIBRE token?

LIBRE is the native token that enables the Libre Chain protocol rules. Network participants can use LIBRE to pay transaction fees or enact governance, receive them as rewards for their work keeping the blockchain operational, or stake them to help secure the network. Specifically, LIBRE serves three functions:

Governance - voting in Libre DAO to govern the AMM and chain protocol settings.

Validator Elections - each wallet can choose 1 validator, votes decay over time so as your staking period nears its end, your voting power will weaken.

Staking - staking LIBRE for governance pays a yield which is higher the earlier you stake and the longer you stake (more details below).

What is the LIBRE AMM liquidity pool?

The initial liquidity pool will be on LIBRE and it will be LIBRE/BTC - 100% of the BTC raised in the mint rush will go to the AMM. This AMM liquidity pool is completely owned by the DAO. 

Who holds the most LIBRE? 

LIBRE will be distributed widely and fairly. We have taken inspiration from the “fair launch” concept. The initial supply of LIBRE will be 210 MM LIBRE. 10 MM will be airdropped, 100 MM will be created in the Mint Rush, and 100MM will go into the AMM with the BTC raised in the Mint Rush. The AMM pool will be owned by the DAO.

Does LIBRE need the Bitcoin Libre app? 

LIBRE works with various wallets including Bitcoin Libre, Anchor, and cleos. You can take advantage of the full range of LIBRE features - including staking yields on any of these non-custodial wallets.

What is LIBRE staking? 

LIBRE yields are based on 2 criteria - the days since launch that you stake, and the length of your stake. Therefore, the earlier you stake and the longer you stake, the higher your yield will be. Just like Bitcoin block rewards decline over time, the yield rate for stakes declines daily. 

What's the environmental impact of LIBRE?

Libre blockchain is one the most environmentally friendly blockchains in existence, with a scalable blockchain that protects the environment.
Full Ecological Impact

Are there any team or investor tokens?

No, like Bitcoin the LIBRE token is launched without any pre-mine. Anyone can become a validator and mine LIBRE.

How does Libre use incentives to grow its community?

Libre token holders can refer other users. Every time your referral stakes LIBRE, spins the wheel, or earns a reward - you will also earn immediately.  

How do I sign up for Bitcoin Libre?

Go to the app store and search for Bitcoin Libre and download the app. Signing up is completely free and you can spin the wheel to earn some free Bitcoin. Refer your friends to earn even more Bitcoin every time they spin. You can also use other wallets such as Anchor.

What is the LIBRE Airdrop?

The LIBRE airdrop is live and will run for 90 days. Eligible accounts from Solana, Ethereum, EOS, Proton, Telos, WAX, and have already been determined in a snapshot as of May 1. Go to airdrop.libre.org to check your eligibility and claim your free LIBRE tokens. You will spin the wheel for added fun.  

What is the LIBRE Mint Rush?

Libre is community-funded and governed. At a time determined by the DAO, there will be a “Mint Rush” where anyone can send BTC and mint LIBRE. 100% of the BTC contributed to the Mint Rush will be used to provide liquidity for the LIBRE token on the AMM.