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Gateway to Libre

Libre works with Bitcoin Libre, Metamask, Ledger, and other popular mobile wallets. LIBRE and Libre-based coins, including Wrapped Bitcoin and USD, can be safely stored.

The Libre Tokens flowing on over a circle grid.

Supported Wallets

Bitcoin Libre

Libre's official wallet is Bitcoin Libre. You can transfer, receive, stake your LIBRE, and use Libre's DeFi ecosystem with Bitcoin Libre.

Anchor Wallet

Anchor Wallet is a powerful cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store your LIBRE. Anchor Wallet is available for a devices.


The most popular hardware wallet and the most secure way to store your LIBRE and engage with dApps on Libre.


EOSIO comes with a default command-line interface called Cleos. Cleos provides the basic tools for interaction with LIBRE.


The most popular software wallet and browser plugin is Metamask. Metamask allows you to interface with Libre dApps.