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Simple, Usable Bitcoin

Bitcoin Libre is the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin to and from @names anywhere in the world, instantly and without fees.

Why Bitcoin Libre?

Today, non-custodial Bitcoin wallets are extremely slow and expensive. They don’t work for everyday usage, especially for developing countries. Custodial wallets are country specific, have stringent KYC requirements, and generally also don’t work for developing countries. Lightning is extremely promising but lacks fixed addresses and usernames which are critical to mass market adoption.

What is Bitcoin Libre

Bitcoin Libre is a non-custodial layer-2 wallet that will allow users anywhere in the world to send and receive pegged bitcoin instantly and without fees. Once loaded with Bitcoin, you can search someone by their username (similar to a Twitter @username), enter the amount, and click send. Loading the wallet with bitcoin is as simple as scanning a QR code. Withdrawing to an exchange or another bitcoin wallet is as simple as copying and pasting a bech32 address, and clicking send. Bitcoin Libre is also fully integrated with Lightning Network. While there are no fees for using pegged Bitcoin in Bitcoin Libre, both Lightning Network and Bitcoin mainnet transactions have variable fees associated with payments.

Bitcoin Libre Wallet

Instant, free transactions

When you send Bitcoin to another Bitcoin Libre user, it is instant and without fees. Both Lightning and on-chain Bitcoin transactions are available with a small fee.

Available everywhere

In designing Bitcoin Libre, we set out with a goal of matching the best of breed user experience for payments with a completely non-custodial worldwide footprint.

Simple @names

Like Twitter, every Libre user is uniquely identified by an @name that is saved at the blockchain level. Payments are as simple as sending.

Coming soon Bitcoin Libre DAO

One token, one vote

DAO members can make proposals and vote on proposals. Everything is decided on chain. One token, one vote

Fair Launch

The Libre DAO will be fair launched with equal rights to everybody.

Simple Web UX.

The DAO user interface is already live on testnet. Your feedback is appreciated.

The Team

Bitcoin Libre is built and launched by a collective team of developers - much like Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin was created by a pseudonymous person or team of people working under the alias, Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi built and launched Bitcoin not for his/their own profit, but instead for the benefit of the world - to become the basis of a new financial system free from control by rulers of all kinds. Bitcoin Libre was created with the same ethos. The goal is to create an open, layer 2 platform for sending and receiving Bitcoin. Multiple people have come together to implement the genesis wallet, and their names are not important. The future is entirely up to the community.

People love Bitcoin Libre

Truely a next gen bitcoin wallet.

User Friendly Interface

Best Bitcoin App EVER!

Truely a next gen bitcoin wallet. Using public name or username, it gets super easy to move bitcoins. Also no fees.!

This app is really easy to navigate and it makes managing your finances as easy as possible.

So easy to use! My parents are finally able to log in and send/receive Bitcoin … finally!

Hemrajsinh Jethwa

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Frequently asked questions

What's pegged Bitcoin and how do we know it is 1-1?

Pegged (or "wrapped") Bitcoin is Bitcoin that is held in custody and traded on another blockchain. We use BTC on the Proton Blockchain, that is held in custody by MetalPay.com. The 1-1 backing can be confirmed on chain.

How come transaction fees are zero?

Proton blockchain has no transaction or gas fees. All transactions are funded by resource plans of applications and by the Proton chain inflation. For more information visit protonchain.io

How do I try Libre for the first time?

To test Libre, just download the wallet, spin the wheel and earn some free sats. Then, invite a friend to Libre and send each other sats. It's that easy.

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